Restaurant Hebros

Hebros Restaurant – food prepared in a modern way, but imbued with the philosophy of traditional Bulgarian cuisine.
Chef Dobromir Todorov, who deservedly ranks among the best chefs in Bulgaria, takes care of the rich menu and author’s recipes of the Hebros restaurant.
Hebros Restaurant is the winner of the Restaurant of the Year Award for 2016 and 2003 of Bacchus Magazine and continues to be among the best in the country.

We are pleased to present our wine selection. We have carefully selected our favorite wines from around the world, which are a great complement to the chef’s temptations. We will be glad, as being our guests, to immerse you in an unforgettable adventure of flavors and aromas, which will make your stay with us special. Our team will always help you make the best choice!
Please note that some vintages may be replaced by others due to expiration, but we assure you that each wine is checked before it is served. Rare wines are in limited quantities.
Eating with pleasure
Slow Food

Our century, which began and developed under the sign of industrialization, first invented the machine and then took it as a model of its life.
We are subordinate to speed and we are all infected by the same insidious virus: a fast-paced lifestyle that destroys our customs, disrupts the serenity of our home, and compels us to submit to Fast Food
In order to be worthy of its name, Homo Sapiens must be released from the hectic life before it becomes an endangered species. The only way to counteract the universal madness of “Life on the fast lane” is to stand firmly behind the ordinary earthly pleasure.

Fast Food

Our protection needs to start from the table with Slow Food. Let’s rediscover the flavors and aromas of local cuisines and banish the degrading effects of Fast Food.
For the sake of productivity, “life on the fast lane” has changed our way of being and threatens our nature and everything around us. So now Slow Food is the only adequate answer. This is exactly the same true culture: to develop the taste and not to make it meaningless. And what would be the better way for that then exchanging international experience, knowledge and projects in international scale?
Slow Food guarantees us a better future. Slow Food is an idea that needs well-prepared backers who can help this (slow) movement become an international movement, with a small snail as its symbol.

For first time here
Slow food

In November 2004 restaurant HEBROS hosted the initiation of the first convivium of Slow Food in Bulgaria under the name of Old Town Plovdiv as part of the international movement Slow Food founded in 1986 in a small restaurant in Bra, Italy
Events at Hebros Restaurant are held to promote little known Bulgarian products.
Meetings are also open to non-members of the organization.

Sophisticated atmosphere

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